TIPIKA  makes you think of ? Typical...Tipi... Aboriginal...   There is a little of each in this word created to promote the value of natural products coming from precious terroirs.   During one of her hikes in the woods, the founder of TIPIKA, deeply rooted in the North Coast region of Québec (Canada) for 40 years, discovered a fabulous indigenous plant, the Labrador tea (Ledum Groëlandicum).  Consumed as a beverage or used as a spice, the leaf of this little forest-scented shrub brings to light its numerous medicinal virtues to cure colds, influenza, lack of sleep and anxiety.  Used by the Aboriginal people of the region, long before the arrival of the White people, Labrador tea got totally forgotten until recently when researchers documented its properties, including the stimulation of the skin’s natural collagen production.   Fond of travelling and eager to share experiences, Andrée, undertook a first Mission in Morocco in 2006, where she met a group of young women dedicated to the development of another terroir product, the argan oil.  This outstanding first cold-pressed oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree, a tree that grows in the southwestern region of Morocco.  Argan oil is well known for it’s anti-aging and healing properties.   It also stimulates cell renewal and nourishes hair fiber.   A series of trips and exchanges followed, during which arose the idea of mixing Labrador tea and argan oil.   Two extreme and opposite climates, the north of Quebec and the south of Morocco are then united in a variety of products promoting high quality terroirs and local entrepreneurship.   Besides Labrador tea and argan oil, its two pure state leading products, TIPIKA offers an harmonious mix through a variety of health and cosmetic products: soaps, natural aromatic oils, plants and wild flowers.  Purify, nourish, balance, such is the philosophy that drives TIPIKA  in the development of products for your well being.   

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